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Whole Flower Medical Cannabis

Nice to meet you! We are Purplefarm Genetics. We are a company built around the belief that cannabis can’t just be reduced to a percentage of THC or CBD. We are skilled cultivators growing whole flower cannabis for the Canadian and global market, and we are making complex medicine as simple as possible.

We work with people who care about how their medication is grown.

We are firm believers that patients and consumers should have access to information on how their medicine has been selected, grown, cured, delivered and everything in between. Our team is built on medical cultivators who have built personal relationships with patients and listened to their input.

Our Team

The Canadian cannabis industry has great financial resources, but given its short legal history is short on human resources. At Purplefarm Genetics we are:

Cultivators not speculators

We are experts who have been at the forefront of medical cultivation in Canada since its inception.

Committed to quality

We appreciate that great products come from great processes. Our vast cultivation experience has enabled us to enshrine unique and best-in-class methods in our standard procedures.

We are community-minded

We know that the cannabis community was here before Purplefarm Genetics. We leverage our standing in the industry to engage with consumers and strive to understand their thoughts and opinions, making us smarter, and our products more impactful.

Collaborative and purposeful

We recognize that by working with industry leading strategic partners, we are able to produce amazing results for all parties. Our business development activities are methodical and measurable.


We firmly believe that plant-based medicine requires a fidelity to the planet and the gifts it offers. We work hard to preserve this natural reciprocity.

Our Vision

A world where cannabis is respected as a partner in the pursuit of health and happiness.

Our Mission

To build a purpose-driven cultivation company that takes medical cannabis flower and its derivatives to a new level, through our dedication to our craft.

Our Core Values

Expert, Cutting-Edge, Sophisticated, Genuine, Trustworthy, Consistent

Our Approach

We keep everything as simple as it needs to be.

The foundation of our work is producing superior non-irradiated whole flower cannabis for both medical and adult-use consumers.

Why Non-Irradiated Cannabis Flower?

The vast majority of the cannabis market irradiates their cannabis flower, which significantly decays valuable, medically-beneficial terpenoids.  Terpenoids gives cannabis its flavour and smell, along with assisting in the delivery of cannabis’ medical properties through an entourage effect with cannabis’ phytocannabinoids. While further research needs to be conducted, early research studies have indicated that cannabis’ terpenes help to deliver the medical benefits of cannabis’ phytocannabinoids.

Simply put: When cultivating cannabis for medical purposes, there are no short cuts to producing effective medicine.

Superior Flower

Purplefarm Genetics is able to consistently cultivate incredible cannabis flower that passes all quality assurance tests right off the plant. This means no irradiating, no cold pasteurizing, and no costly post-harvest ‘corrections’ that diminish quality.


As a patient or a consumer, you are always making decisions about your health and wellness. As experienced medical cultivators, patient care is our number one priority. We report above and beyond what we are required, because we believe in the patient’s right to know what they are putting in their body.

Patient Care

Medicine shouldn’t been guesswork or hearsay. Our team works closely with medical professionals to ensure the best possible care for patients.

Experienced Medical Cultivators

At the end of the day, quality and selection matters. Our team has been working with patients since the beginning of medical cannabis, and we never plan on this ending. Patient care matters.

Innovation and Research

Neighbours help neighbours, and we have been collaborative from the start. We don’t believe in short cuts when it comes to our plants, our products, and our patients; this is why we work with partners to learn from each other and push the whole industry forward.

Market Segment

Did you know that by 2020, approximately 90% of the Canadian cannabis market will be cannabis biomass used for extraction? This means that there still will not be enough high-quality flower to meet demand.

Cost Leadership

We are able to produce high-yielding superior cannabis below the costs of other indoor producers, and have worked from the start with innovators to keep our competitive edge.

Interested in becoming a patient, learning more, or staying updated on new services?